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Licht des Urteils – Demo 2019 [Demo]

licht des urteils – demo 2019 [demo]


A freezing deadly thunderstorm approaches – my first thought when I listened to this smashing 4 songs of Licht des Urteils’ “Demo 2019″ from Finland.

Hammering riffs, combined with blast-beats and an insane type of scream crumps through my speakers and hitting my ears with a very harsh sound-image. Licht des Urteils compose in a traditional Black Metal style from the early 2000s mixed with some “modern” elements.

The music comes with high tempo and let the listener totally breathless after  approx. 16:30 min pure head-smashing. All songs have a lucid, elaborating structure, catchy composing, brutal guitar-distortion selection…everything you need for a reliable Black Metal album. After the first few beats I instantly noticed the diverse and creative drum composition, which let the complete demo not feel like there are any loops at any time and make it to a full experience. Awesome work!

Without understanding the lyrics but with Google Translator for the first title, “Kuollut” means “Death” and from the musically point of view, it is totally fitting as entry-point into the abyss of Licht des Urteil’s rehearsal-room, where I suppose the recording was done. “World Eater”, with a stylistic inconsistency to the rest of this Demo, is a good composition and the only song which sticks out and feels a little like an experimental one. But generally it is fitting when you listen to the songs in a row, because with “Descend/Transcend”, Licht des Urteils drops back to the traditional way of Black Metal like as this demo begins and hits you again with blasting and insanely morbid vocals.

Last Song, “Rukous Viimeiseen Tuhoon”, makes the complete arrangement to a total kick-ass one. Black ‘n rolling beats with great riffs, smooth crossing to faster drum-tempo parts, all in all the strongest song for me. Especially, I will mention the bridges in this one which comes like a sea of flames with ultra-intense vocals – Nothing new, but perfectly fitting to the total song.

In conclusion, Licht des Urteils are very technical and well-skilled musically as well as hard and intense. For a demo it has a reasonable sound with good chosen distortions and worth it to give it a try. (Dave)

Licht des Urteils

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