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Mavorim – Axis Mundi

mavorim – axis mundi


To begin with, seeing as I have already wrote a review for Mavorim’s fantastic EP “Aasfresser,” just a few months ago, you can go back and read that one if you would like a short biography about this band (and a good read too, if I must say.) Since this intro paragraph as a biography is usually a go to for us reviewers but I normally do not like to repeat myself, much. Plus, with how much I truly enjoyed that fantastic EP and with how much I just completely lost myself for like two weeks in it, I was honestly excited when I saw that “Axis Mundi” was still available on the list of albums yet to be reviewed. Hell, I even wrote most of this intro paragraph before I ever even hit play on this album we are discussing.

And yet again, once I hit that play button and dove right in, I became intoxicated with another excellent Mavorim album. I totally lost all ability to form rational thoughts or come up with any ideas on how to continue with this review because all I wanted to do was just experience it, let it take over. And that is exactly just what I did, I gave in and let go and just let this album wash over and through me in waves and wonderment. Things came to mind and left just as quick, while the whole time, or times, I was listening, I was engaged and enjoying. And isn’t that really what we are all looking for in or music?

Seriously, this is some really fucking good black metal that is extremely well written, performed, produced, arranged, just everything. “Axis Mundi” is a celebration of all things Black Metal, there are your keyboard driven ambient parts, your tremolo attacking buzz saw parts and everything you love within the genre in between. It is primal, it is raw but it is also beautiful and polished. The only comparable that comes to mind when I listen to “Axis Mundi” would have to be early day Enslaved, in terms of quality, sound and progressive tinkering. So, yeah, Mavorim’s “Axis Mundi” is really fucking good, so good that I would even claim it to be a modern day classic already. Yeah, I said it. Don’t believe me? Go listen to “Axis Mundi” yourself and try and prove me wrong.  (Ben Schultz)

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