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Heraldic Blaze – Blazoned Heraldry [Demo]

heraldic blaze – blazoned heraldry [demo]


If the phrase “don’t judge an album by its cover” was a competition, Heraldic Blaze’s Blazoned Heraldry would take the gold. The debut from this Norwegian/American duo is an alluring release. Looking at the cover, you expect something very Dungeon-Synthy. But the opening track, ‘Torchbearers of Our Time’ sets the tone for a very, very diverse EP. Punk at heart with the drumming, the guitars hit in a surprisingly bright and clear tone (again reminiscent of Punk) which is quite rare these days in Black Metal. As if that’s not enough, we are treated to the soothing sound of flutes. So, there you have it. Energetic rhythms, unique riffs, melodic bass lines, medieval flutes and shrill vocals are mixed together to create a release which will stick with you long after you’re done listening to it.

One after the other, this dynamic duo rip through catchy, pulsating songs. The third track, ‘Far Shooting Apollo’ is placed perfectly – allowing for some room to rest with a slower tempo. They pick things up ingenuously with track 4, ‘A Sovereign Spire’ where they present us with a tasteful concoction of various genres. Before concluding the release, we have ‘The Knight’s Folly’ – the track which turned me into the Leonardo DiCaprio meme where he’s pointing aggressively. This, folks, is where Heraldic Blaze presents us with a Dungeon Synth track – something that some might have expected either at the beginning of the release or at the very end. But, oh no. They save the best for last, with ‘Scourge of the Sycophant’ – easily one of the most well-composed black metal songs I have ever heard. A perfect orgasmic moment to a very memorable release! Here, Heraldic Blaze set loose their talents to their extreme extent. Insane drumming, beautiful riffs, and excellent vocal performance. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be watching this band. Because they are, pun intended, a blaze of glory!

Heraldic Blaze

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