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Chotzä – Tüüfuswärk

chotzä – tüüfuswärk


Chotzä, or “to vomit”, are ugly, disturbing, non-compromising and anti-social, everything that that made Black Metal great (once). The Swiss horde of perversions is back with their 3rd record called “Tüüfuswärk” (Devil’s Work) and it deserves the title truly. It’s raw, mean, evil, pervers, sexy, dirty, everything that is diabolical and to me their best record so far!

Be it Black Metal with Organs, Black/Thrash added with some blast eruptions like in “Schtächzähni” or Black/Punk’n’Roll like “Horrorotika”…yes, the Black’n Roll amount is high, but I wouldn’t consider the band a “just” band like many others do as there is so much more in here. Or the first softly melodic starting “Sex, Suff & Satan” which turns into a heavy mid tempo banger, well constructed and build up where even a piano appears and shows a hell of creativity these guys have, it has killer guitar solos included as well.

Chotzä are always able to write killer hooks (If you know the language it makes things easier, but works anyway) and packing the record with, yes, hits! The songs flow, are always kept interesting and are catchy as fukk! The range of ideas and dynamics is quite big here and never feels alien even If different. Props to each member for the killer performances put on this record as well as the top notch production and not at least the amazing artwork by JDW Death my only friend.

Chotzä can slay too, just listen to “Süüchägott”, a firestorm upon mankind! Each instrument got enough space to shine, but always in favour of the song, which speaks for their great songwriting skills as well.Freezing, doomy parts are incorporated as well into the overall sound and show another facet of the band (“Abfau”), almost romantic with that amazing lead spread in and the chants by the band before 90’s Scandinavian blast forces strike back again!

Chotzä got their own sound, they can mash up genres with ease and still be Black Metal as fukk (“Ds Tanzgebei”) and are probably more Black Metal than 90% of the genre right now. The title track was put at the end and is an epic 8 minute song that makes you use your neck muscles over and over again, guitar leads included, as well as keyboard sounds to enhance the atmosphere or the always fire spitting vocals of Szivilzs! The piano work on this track is amazing as well as the drumswork which stands out the most here…yes, cool fills and variation you know.

Fresh ideas, well written and produced, beautiful and disturbing at the same time. Contender for album of the year! Guet gmacht Giele!


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