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October Falls – A Fall of an Epoch

october falls – a fall of an epoch

With October Falls you’re almost obliged to check it out on forehand, if you’re only into one of the styles these Finns are playing. You can expect something in the acoustic Neofolk style or Atmospheric Black Metal, so buying something blindfolded could be a bit tricky.

“A Fall of an Epoch”, the fifth full-length in the 20 years of history, is in the Atmospheric Black Metal style, but you probably could have guessed that. With faster melodic parts, slower and melancholic sections and acoustic folkish intermezzo’s, the songs are having the needed variation as the tracks are having a duration of 8+ minutes, although I can imagine some listeners will think “it could be a tad more” as the melancholic part is dominant at some points; like on “The Endtimes Rising”.

Personally I do enjoy a good dose of melancholy with Black Metal, so I had a pleasant listen with “A Fall of an Epoch”. (Ricardo)