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Order Of Nosferat – Vampiric Wrath Unleashed

order of nosferat – vampiric wrath unleashed


The previous album by this international Black Metal band was a good and organic album in which the loneliness of existence as a vampire clearly shone through. A deeply romantic album where the pace was a bit on the slow side and the emphasis was on the beautiful melodic lines. This latest album, ‘Vampiric Wrath Unleashed’ clearly shows a different side of the band and of the vampire as a treacherous entity.

On ‘Vampiric Wrath Unleashed’, this album once again lives up to its title, this time it is not so much the melody and wretched atmosphere that hits you, but rather the searing vengeance and bloody wrath that the creature living off human blood pours out on the world. As in many classic gothic novels, there is a bad side to all goodness, and vice versa, a good side to all badness. Never will anyone see an individual’s evil the same when they have read Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ (1818). In that same light, this latest Order Of Nosferat album also feels like a savage resurrection of violence and bloodlust after the beautiful ‘Nachtmusik’. The music is much fiercer and the tempo is faster, the riffs are razor-sharp and cut right through the soul as a bunch of fangs sinking into your neck. But again, almost traditionally, this album is also punctuated by interludes of synths that seem a piece of reflection in the bloodthirsty rampage. Calm pieces that reflect on existence and purpose. It’s those Dungeon Synth pieces that, while taking the album’s momentum out of it a bit (the slightly faster pace on this album adds to the contrast), do make for a bigger sense of authenticity of these recordings.

While the differences between the preceding ‘Nachtmusik’ and this latest album are evident, the overall feeling has a clear overlap. The music is still very much akin to that of Drowning The Light and classic mid-era Satanic Warmaster, but it is the diversity in between the Order Of Nosferat discography that is the most striking. That makes it interesting to think about what the band’s next step might be. With their solid working pace it is to be expected to soon see a follow up to this great piece of vampiric art, which I will greet with cold affection.

Purity Through Fire

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