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Greve – Nordarikets strid

greve – nordarikets strid


I already had the pleasure to write a review of their 2 track EP called “Nidingsdåd utav det uråldriga”, which I consider an impressive debut without any discussion. The way they captured the symphonic part of the mid 90s Black Metal was spot-on.

When an EP prior to the debut is that good, I’m always a bit hesitant to start a listening-session of the debut with a blank notepad, as there is always a little voice in the back of the head whispering “oh boy, don’t let it be disappointing…don’t let it be disappointing”, if you know what I’m talkin’about. It is like you are fully enjoying a brand of great beer, crisps or something like that and they slap the slogan “renewed recipe” on it. Almost nerve-losing moments when you stand before the shelves…

Greve passes the test blindfolded, better yet, they kick the doors open and walk through the entrance with confidence. They enhanced the sound a bit to give it a more astral atmosphere which can be fully experienced during a track like “I svarta solens magi”, which is also featured on side B of the aforementioned EP. Like you hear the stars in the wide open dark sky above a snow and frost-covered landscape.

As said, mid 90s Symphonic Black Metal but the perfect amount on the symphonic part to make sure it is not to over-bombastic. A good mix of early Obtained Enslavement, Mactätus and Covenant’s “In Times Before the Light” without the keyboard frills, which I enjoy on “In Times Before the Light”, but would not fit in on “Nordarikets strid”. The slight effect on the vocals emphasizes the astral atmosphere I mentioned before.

Like the EP, this is one impressive release and I dare to say a must have for anyone who is searching or craving for new material but with the old spirit and right attitude. I will not say this is THE album you should buy, but if you search 5 albums with that spirit and attitude this year, one of them must be “Nordarikets strid”.

Purity Through Fire

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