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Thy Dying Light – Thy Dying Light

thy dying light – thy dying light


In England, Heavy Metal and good Rock n’ Roll were born (the truth of this statement is not debatable). The amazing amount of good music that came out of that island. In terms of Heavy Metal / Extreme Metal, they are at the top of the (food) chain, of course. From Black Sabbath to Napalm Death, these lords are at the base of everything we worship today.

Barrow-in-Furness, England, place of origin of the entity created by this duo. Azrael and Hrafn, since 2016, spreading their “verses” all over the underground. “Thy Dying Light”, the band’s 1st Long-term, was recently edited by Purity Through Fire, which in a way turns out to be a “seal of approval” regarding the quality / validity of the music. Let me mention, right away, that “Temple of Flesh” mesh as mandatory!

In general, Black Metal created by these Englishmen ends up being mostly based on the melody. It has reminiscences of the 90’s, and will most likely please many of those who consider this as the bases of the genre and, where the premises of it reside. At the same time, it will delight those who like its Black Metal with a crystal-clear production, but full of strength and aggressiveness!

It is, in the end, a very well done album, with many hooks and melody, which could drive away the purists, who just cry and tantrum (but who love Dissection). Beautiful guitar riffs, full of melody, but without staining Black Metal. The drums are huge, full of belligerent groove, but very dynamic, never dragging the music or making it dull and boring. The vocals are what you would want in a Black Metal band, however narrow and cliché this may sound. Fans of bands such as Watain and the aforementioned Dissection will be able to find points of interest here, like many who still follow what is done in Norway today.

A good work, valid, current, well played and very well produced. (DanielP)

Thy Dying Light

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