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Wooden Throne – Under the Moon They Wander Until Fading Away

wooden throne – under the moon they wander until fading away


A soul is usually in search for moments, moments that make life within this mortal coil worthwhile, and within those small moments, we bottle them, saving them for the days where the light may cease to illuminate, whether it be pictures, poetry, a painting, but sometimes all we have is a fossil of that memory, a reminder but not the spirit…but if one were to capture an awe-struck moment, transcribe it onto sound, the waves of emotions felt by the soul, then in my opinion that is truly a remarkable gift…to chronicle a feeling that can be relived, a feeling to be felt that one never knew existed, this is exactly the sentiment when listening to ‘Under The Moon They Wander Until Fading Away’ by Wooden Throne.

For the very composition of this album takes the architecture of Atmospheric Black Metal to new transcendental heights, where to discern each instrument would equate to removing the wings of a bird in flight, for each aspect is crucial in the grandiose soundscape, working in tangent to birth this beautiful structure.

Where Wooden Throne excels, is the conjuring of this atmosphere in the miniscule moments where its background elements cast a gentle yet serein glow, like a moon that radiates upon a lake, its light forming abstract shapes upon the water’s ripples, so too does these variables work, for they weave together the aura in a luminous manner.

Songs such as ‘At The Sorrows Chamber’ and ‘Return into The Shadows’ are such examples where the arrangement works in tangent with each other evoking an ethereal tone in its riffing complemented with the subtle keys, if an image were to take form, I would imagine these songs to unfold to that of a night’s sky where it is adorned in a cluster of stars, celestial in its sight.

However, for you, the reader who may be curious about choosing a song, I would recommend, ‘Withered at Sunrise’ for it truly represents everything perfect about this album, the way its melody flow is like that of  wind that rustles through the canopy of trees , carrying the scent of the cold forest in its breath. The vocals upon the track as well as the album grants a cathartic emotion in its tone dispelled, for if the night’s spirit were to take a voice, its hymns would shape to these sounds.

Wooden Throne has crafted an Elysian soundscape of an album, perfect in every form and if the last moments of life would beckon to one with the spirit of these sounds, I would not be surprised if that soul would gratefully submit itself to be submerged in this sea of tranquillity.

Wooden Throne

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