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Goats of Doom – Tie on hänen omilleen

goats of doom – tie on hänen omilleen


Goats of Doom formed in 2011 in Finland.  Nine years later, These Finns are back with their fifth full length release with “Tie on Hänen Omilleen” after numerous distinctive and destructive Black Metal releases.

Blistering riffs combined with an unforgiving and mournful feel is a consistent theme throughout this release- providing an ear-splitting start that instantly engages the listener and leaves them eagerly awaiting the next track. An oddly uplifting feel in some tracks emphasised by the melodic harmonies applied by Goats of Doom ensures their customary sound is expertly maintained throughout this release- and inspires a need to move to a remote place deep in the Finnish forests in the listener.

Consistently strong vocals are always a focal point of Goats of Doom material and are very much a standout feature in “Tie on Hänen Omilleen” and are unmistakeably part of their unique sound. The lyrical content are always an interesting feature-and naturally, you are not disappointed with their well written and knowledgeable lyrics inspiring you to research more into the content. After all, who doesn’t want to explore the depths of Finnish myth, Satanic lyrics and Lovecraft themes?

The unrelenting, harsh sound combined with the traditional Black Metal approach is a consistent throughout this release and the constantly changing melodic dynamic engages you. Unrelenting Finnish Black Metal at its most brutal- “Tie on Hänen Omilleen” proves that Goats of Doom are a force to be reckoned with. These Finns have produced an excellent traditional Finnish Black Metal release and I am very much looking forward to future full length releases. (Sarah McKellar)

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