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Bekëth Nexëhmü – De Glömdas Ursjälar [Demo]

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Besides one full-length, a compilation and an EP, mr. Swartadauþuz aka Svartedöden has released 8 demos of which “De Glömdas Ursjälar” is the last one of them. If you are familiar with the music of Bekëth Nexëhmü, you will know you will get your fair share of anti-cosmic Black Metal with a hint of instrumental and ambient soundscapes. Sometimes the ambient soundscapes are more present than the Black Metal component, so take a listen before you buy. Or maybe you like both equally, than it’s no problem ofcourse. Comparing this demo with the other 2016 demo, “De dunklas återkomst”, you will notice the latter one has another vocalist (Lik) behind the mic and it’s far more slower. This demo is icy and bleak, yet atmospheric and addictive as I find myself playing it for the 5th time in a row. As said, bleak…a bit like Paysage d’Hiver, but this demo has a better sound which results into a more audible demo than the ones of Paysage d’Hiver. There seems to be a difference between the CD and vinyl release, as the vinyl version doesn’t have the long ambient outro, if I’m correct. And indeed, the ambient part could be cut short a lot and turn it into a short outro, so the Black Metal part gets a lot more attention. Cause there lies the strength of Swartadauþuz and Bekëth Nexëhmü; bleak icy yet atmospheric Black Metal. The front cover embodies the black art Bekëth Nexëhmü is providing here; Sweden in the woods at night, with snow everywhere and with a clear sky and a full moon. For every format enthusiast, there is something to order, as the demo is released on a 12”, cassette, digital and on CD. If you want some quality Black Metal and want to support an underground act, look no further! (Ricardo)

Nordisk Kultur

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