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Úlfarr – Hate & Terror – The Rise of Pure Evil [EP]

Úlfarr – hate & terror – the rise of pure evil [ep]


Úlfarr from the United Kingdom have been active since 2011. Several demo tapes and even 2 live albums have been released by this band. “Hate & Terror – The Rise of Pure Evil” is their first professional studio album recording.

“Hate & Terror – The Rise of Pure Evil” contains 6 untitled tracks. What can heard on this EP is partly grim black metal with the direct approach of hypnotizing, icy, relentlessly scrubbed tremolo picking, a very audible bass, maniac vocal eruptions, an adequate drumming …the works, so to speak. It all sounds raw but at the same time fairly clean since all the instruments can be clearly heard. There’s also a hefty dose of early 1990-ies Black Metal in Úlfarr’s compositions, just listen to the choruses on some of the refrains and the decadent Black ‘n’ Roll influences. Black Metal groove is being infused with Scandinavian Black Metal and punkish elements, creating a very entertaining album.

Personally, I find it quite refreshing: this type of Black Metal mayhem with an abrasive and still menacing contemporary Black Metal sound, plus a huge set of balls to back it up. This is ‘straight in your face, cut through the bullsh*t and fuck off and die’ Black Metal with an attitude. I bet this EP is the kind of crusty Black Metal Fenriz dreams about at night. References : Darkthrone, Aura Noir…even a Bulldözer (Italy)…you know what I mean.

To summon it up: Úlfarr dish out vigorously authentic and worthy in both sound and production Black Metal without the trimmings, decent enough to catch my attention and holding me in a firm stranglehold until the very last song.

If you want to know how it is done…or how it ought to be done, see if you can find something of this EP on YouTube or other sites. Great effort! (LCF)


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