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Drakon Ho Megas – Έλευσις Αντίχριστου

drakon ho megas – Έλευσις Αντίχριστου


At the very beginning of this year Drakon Ho Megas’ sophomore album was released through Floga Records. ‘Έλευσις Αντίχριστου’, ‘Coming Of The Antichrist’ in English, is the follow-up to the 2021 released great self-titled debut of the Greek Black Metal band. What struck most of the music of the band is that it did sound distinctly Greek, but not to such an extent that it is fully dedicated to its musical ancestors. It obviously had its scope widened and added an ample of various other influences to its exciting mix.

On ‘Έλευσις Αντίχριστου’ the band continued walking that path, it still has its roots firmly in their native Greek Black Metal scene, adopting very much of the same sort of engagingly warm Mediterranean melodies and mysticism like Varathron and early Rotting Christ. Yet, with already a rich sound to start from, Drakon Ho Megas pushed it further and enhanced it with more variation and exotic elements. Not only does the band have a certain Death Metal sound to some riffs, but especially vocally, with some tracks having straight up grunts, it has a strong Death Metal vibe going on. But, at the very same time, the music sounds grand and bombastic. Not so much unlike bands like SepticFlesh, Old Man’s Child and with its triumphant brass it particularly reminds of bands like Sear Bliss as well. Altogether it blends into a very exciting sounding adventurous piece of Hellenic Black Metal. Where bands like Caedes Cruenta, Ithaqua, Cult Of Eibon and the likes, while being excellent bands on their own, do sound a little more standard when it comes to the country’s Black Metal traditions, Drakon Ho Megas definitely has more to offer when it comes to creativity and diversity.

With a sound that is, as a whole, more melodic than your average Greek Black Metal band and with a lot of extra elements added to the mix, Drakon Ho Megas definitely brings something new to the table of Greek extreme metal. While certainly not one-to-one similar musically, the band seems to be following a similar path to a band like Behemoth, both in terms of musical ingenuity and also occult themes. Needless to say, ‘Έλευσις Αντίχριστου’ comes highly recommended for anyone who likes their share of Greek Black Metal or creative, majestic and occult Black Metal in general.

Drakon Ho Megas

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