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Inanna – Void Of Unending Depths [Re-Release]

inanna – void of unending depths [re-release]


While Inanna is far from a new band, being formed back in the year 2000, they never really had a lot going. At least in terms of popularity beyond the borders of their native Chile. ‘Void Of Unending Depths’ is only the band’s third album, not making them quite prolific either. The band’s last album dates back from 2012 and was only followed-up with a compilation CD and two live albums, one of which has been released on cassette tape and the other has remained a digital version. It is therefore even more surprising that this new album was released on cassette tape (Desert Wasteland Productions), CD (Memento Mori) and now also as a double vinyl by Floga Records.

It is a bit of a guess as to why the band has remained so low-profile, because Inanna is by no means lacking in musical qualities. Nor can it have been due to a lack of a good and stimulating environment in the ever-bustling Chilean Death Metal scene. Whatever the cause, it now gives all the more reason to get to the nitty gritty of the band and its latest work.

Although the music is far from very simple Old School Death Metal, it offers nothing that we haven’t heard before. Instead Inanna opted to honour the bands that laid the very foundations of the darkest sort of Death Metal. Which means there is a strong vibe of Incantation and especially Immolation to Inanna’s take on the genre. Heaps of intricate riffs, wild bursts of blast beats and a lot of very much deep, Ross Dolan-like growls make for a heavy and quite a massive overall sound. Yet, compared to those two giants of US Death Metal, Inanna sounds more melodic, even incorporating some clean strumming and almost progressive elements that sometimes reminds of early Cynic (minus the spacey effects). That Inanna doesn’t really have the same otherworldly quality of a band like Immolation can hardly be blamed on them, Immolation is undoubtedly a band of ultimate outer category. Inanna is able to add some elements of their own as well, which almost seem two opposites on paper. On the one hand there are some really sharp edged Thrash Metal riffs that are woven throughout the whole album, making the album quite fierce and ferocious. The other is a distinct sinister ambiance that nears the dark Black Metal madness of Shining, take a listen to ‘Underdimensional’ for instance, halfway the song there is haunting passage in which croaking vocals take over just before exploding back into a long lead guitar part. Most definitely, the album offers a lot of dynamics and variety.

‘Void Of Unending Depths’ is certainly an album that has a lot to offer for those who like their Death Metal not all too standard, cavernous or overly technical. Instead, if you prefer your Death Metal to be dark, slightly twisted and full of dynamics than this latest work of Chilean Death Metal can be considered your next stop. For me personally a playing time of almost 60 minutes is a tad too long, but the album certainly provides an interesting listen.