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Θλίψις​ – Dawn Of Defiance

Θλίψις​ – dawn of defiance


Greek Black Metal, where to start? While the scene may not be too big in terms of the number of bands, their impact on the global Black Metal movement has always been huge. The typically dynamic and incantatory sound that can be recognised from thousands and has its origins in the late 80’s continues to intrigue many to this very day. It even seems that in recent years the love for Greek Black Metal is rekindling with the one-off return of Necromantia, the founding of Yoth Iria and The Magus as recent highlights. But alongside these heroes of yesteryear, new bands continue to report to the front, including the 2021-formed Θλίψις (or Thlipsis). The self-titled EP released in the same year had previously eluded me, but I’m glad that’s not the case with this first full-length…

But let’s get right to the point, Θλίψις doesn’t sound much like standard Greek Black Metal. Although its blistering underlay of incantatory melodies is a common thread here too, the band goes further in importing a different Black Metal sound. You could almost call it a standard, hard-to-differentiate sound that they blend with the roots of their rich Greek Black Metal history. Still, the result is more than fine, sounding organic and dynamic, but among other things due to the good production and the more straightforward approach a lot more modern than the average Greek Black Metal album. On the vocal front, the album sounds diverse and quite far removed from the Greek classics, both vocalists treat you on some eerie screaming, shrieking, growling, crying and yelling. This all comes together perfectly in a song like ‘Acta Non Verba’, in which the recognisable Greek melody collides pleasantly with the raging fast, almost Swedish-style Black Metal and the chilling vocal performances of the singers, who, in terms of desperation, lean close to the more depressive/suicidal Black Metal corner. The latter may not be such a crazy thought either, after all, Θλίψις means as much as “sadness” or “misery”. To say that this foursome reflect the band name in their music is therefore an understatement.

Although this first album echoes later Rotting Christ quite a bit here and there, Θλίψις remains sufficiently off the beaten track to be mentioned in the same breath as the originators of the Greek Black Metal scene. Indeed, ‘Dawn Of Defiance’ has more than enough of its own face to earn the band its own place in the Greek Black Metal canon. A strong debut album that certainly raises expectations of what is to come.

Thlipsis (Θλίψις​)

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