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Nunslaughter / Destructor – Nunslaughter / Destructor [Split EP]

nunslaughter / destructor – nunslaughter / destructor [split ep]


The old school death metallers of Nunslaugther are slowly going to end up like Japanese Unholy Grave or Sabbat and Belgian Agathocles in terms of a giant discography mainly existing out of 7” EPs. Its really incredible what they’re releasing, and not to mention, the tempo in which they spawn their releases. Anyway, every now and then there is a really interesting release amongst them (its hard to keep up with them anyway), such as this one with the 80’s US power metal/thrash metal band Destructor.

Yet, Nunslaughter opens with one of their songs, nothing new, nothing strange. Just the raw death metal (or devil metal as they also use) that we are used to from Nunslaughter, a rather raw and harsh recording that doesn’t sound to different from Hellhammer with a hint of Possessed here and there. The crunchy guitar sound fits perfectly in the dark and muddy production. So, with “Death In Hell” they released another very decent yet predictable song that won’t disappoint any Nunslaughter fan, at all. In fact, this might be one of the better songs they’ve released so far this year.

The real reason why I got this 7” EP was because of Destructor, the (almost?) forgotten Ohio based speed metal band that released one very good album back in 1985. On this 7” EP they are represented with a killer cover by Swedish heavy metal band Torch (that recently got back together) called “Watches Of The Night”, taken from their same-titled 1983 debut full-length (not to be mistaken with the also same-titled EP from 1982). A very good song by a band that shouldn’t be forgotten played by a band that I am glad to have back as well, what the hell do I want more?

As every Hells Headbangers release this one has something special too, this EP is released in four different versions, being released on black, white, silver and gold wax with a different cover for all of them that, put together, form a huge pentagram of bullets. Nice work but and nasty for collectors, as every colour is limited to 250 copies only (so, a good mathematician counts that the whole run for this EP is 1000 copies!).


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