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Deathhammer – Evil Power

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Deathhammer sounds like an ideal combination of (old) Destruction, Kreator and Sodom, mixed with dirty rock n’ roll vibes, which sometimes are more present than in many other thrash metal. For me, this is an absolute killer record, because the vile thrash metal elements sound like being from the 80’s, yet fresh in their own way. The rock n’ roll styled riffing, a bit like Gehennah on speed, fits nicely in the overall thrash metal sounding record. The singing sounds sometimes like old Slayer. But these are just references, the band doesn’t sound unoriginal at all; given the fact that the style is. The production fits the style perfectly, raw yet powerful and clear enough to enjoy their music fully. This band gives a lot. There’s full speed thrash attacks with such raw intensity and technical abilities that one must take care to keep breathing while listening… and not start headbanging so much while maybe being at work (otherwise, go ahead, this record is over to soon anyway, clocking merely 36 minutes). This album is short, maybe too short, but its intensity and speed makes up for it. There is no outro or intro whatsoever – metal mania is what you get, nothing more and certainly nothing less! Unfortunately, I’ve never heard from this band before. Too bad. They exist from 2005 and this is the third full-length album, already. Earlier some demo (compilations) and split mini cd’s were released. Can’t say I’ve heard these, but soon shall. On the 2007 Darkthrone album F.O.A.D., Deathhammer’s logo appears on the leather jacket of the drawn figure. This could very well be because of the same, shared ‘Fuck off!’ attitude and the fact that they are from Norway too. Being a Darkthrone fan that’s a nice hint for quality already. Although there’s no black metal or punk influences in Deathhammer. Lyric wise is the only way this band has some black metal vibe, although singing about Satan has been done by early thrash metal bands too, like the before mentioned Destruction, Sodom, and also Sepultura comes to mind. Death and destruction, evil, everything is there in good but cliche lyrics. This doesn’t break down the music while this is, again, very fitting; for this musical style it was in the 80’s and still is now. Within the whole construction of music made to worship Satan – and drink lots of beer/booze, piss off the establishment, people who go to church and silently into their graves. When you don’t mind all genre cliches, not so much musically but lyrically, this is one of the best bands out there! Which both thrash and black metal fans would probably appreciate; at least try it. (Houtekiet)

Hells Headbangers Records

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