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Throneum – The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon

throneum – the tight deathrope act over rubicon

This the Throneum album I was waiting for to be released for years. Combining the early sludgy doomish terrorhymns with tremendous all blasting nightmare of their mid-period in a perfect way. The last 2 albums were good, but didn`t capture me for too long compared to an album like “Pestilent Death”. The production is once again top notch, which in their terms means  raw, unpolished and not too loud so crank it up to the maximum while listening for full experience, your neighbours might dig it. Everything is well balanced, from production where each instrument is audible, to the tempo changes and style combinations. There aren`t much bands that can incorporate Black/Death/Thrash/Doom so good like these guys. The eerie sounds in the songs within some slower sections are just disturbing, just like the vocals.  I would have a painful throat when I would have to sing one song of Throneum. There are some tasty basslines, something which was always an important element for Throneum and the drums and guitars are pure highlights as well. Killer cymbalwork, blast eruptions, fills, breakdowns (not the modern used term), riffs riffs riffs, solos, riffs, solos, stellar, ugly, from other stars, hail Cthulhu…I`m drifting away. The artwork is one of the best they ever had as it fits perfectly. This is nighmarish Death Metal and there is nothing more to add. (DPF)