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Faithxtractor – Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter

faithxtractor – proverbial lambs to the ultimate slaughter

Long running US Death Metallers Faithxtractor return with their latest album. I definitely wasn’t tentative heading to this slaughter. I was more than happy to jump right in. After a short intro the band starts rolling with a more mid tempo melodic riff before exploding into the savage death metal sound you expect from the band.

Riff upon riff upon riff, these songs are well constructed and some of the sharpest riffs I have heard in a long time. The opening track “Death Deserving” hits on so many different styles. All out blasting, thrashy dive bomb laced guitar leads, slower blackened sections. It’s a whirlwind of heavy sounds coated with throaty vocal roars and it is pulled off perfectly. The experience of the band shows ten fold in the songwriting. Saying this is expertly crafted would be an understatement as the flow and feel of the album is second to none.

I’m not sure if calling this old school death metal would do the band justice. When I think of old school death metal bands around right now it seems like they are trying to sound like an older band the majority of the time, just checking off the boxes of what people expect them to have in their sound. This is much more natural and cohesive. It is far removed from sounding modern but is much more than just an old school death metal record. It is a bulldozing force to be reckoned with. This one comes highly recommended. (MikeH)