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Deceased – Ghostly White

deceased – ghostly white

I am impressed. Seriously. 33 years of band history, tons of releases and probably one of the most overlooked and underrated bands in metal are striking back, 7 Years after their album “Surreal Overdose”, with a MONSTER! I can`t say it in a different way. A few days prior to its release the band had also to deal with the death of their drummer Dave Castillo (Rest In Power). The band now announced that they will keep going, no one can destroy this beast. A lot of bands lack of creativity after so many years on the wagon, but Deceased just managed to keep things fresh.

Heavy metal (Iron Maiden fans listen up) riffs and beautiful leads, thrashy uptempo beats and chainsaw bursting riffage the old way for lunatics of Possessed and early Slayer and the likes, some occasional punkish elements, King`s remarkable vocals and the ghostly morbid lyrics the band is known for webbed in a more than memorable album. Most of the songs are cracking the 6 minutes mark and a hell of a song that even crack the 13 minutes. A well written, never to be boring song with can compete with everything in this genre. Every song is well thought and written, each instrument shines equal and helps the song to be interesting and fresh. The album remains hard and heavy even in the most melodic moments of the band, a strong force that can match Kreator with ease, probably even surpasses them compared to their latest releases.

To every metalhead out there who likes NWOBH, Thrash Metal with punkish elements, killer leads and versatile songs….buy it blind…or at least listen to it. Killer songs, killer production, fitting artwork…this is a real banger. Dave can be proud of it, R.I.P.. Hails to Deceased, the ghostly white are hunting. (DPF)