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Evil Damn – Necronomicon

evil damn – necronomicon

Excellent aggression all over this release. No surprise considering it consists of members from suck well know acts as Goat Semen.

The vocals took me a minute to adjust since they are sometimes over the top and loud but once I settled in I thought they were a perfect fit. Possibly loud in the mix but that’s ok, this record is killer. Definitely old school all the way. Nothing new here and that’s wonderful, it is just in your face aggression and speed.

The guitar solos are also a great touch. They are well executed but what really does it for me are the old school vibes the whammy dives have created. It feels like a bunch of guys were angry and said fuck man I need to jam and released all this violence into the music. Great job overall and the entire band sound great.

Highly recommended! You will not find any poser and wimpy parts and this will be in your player for days. This is certainly for all true Maniacs who appreciate this form of Art. (Evil Mike)