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Impiety – The Impious Crusade [EP]

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Back in the end of the 1990s, when tape-trading was still a way to get to know new tunes and the internet wasn’t the source to get the latest news, I got acquainted with Impiety thanks to fellow VM-Underground member Stijn, as he bought the “Asateerul Awaleen” album. I still remember the label, Shivadarshana Records from The Netherlands, as I got ripped off once with a deal which contained the mighty Covenant “In Times Before the Light” album. If I’m not mistaken I wasn’t the only one…But back to Impiety. Main man Shyaithan created some blasphemous releases throughout the years to win some souls towards the dark side. New souls will not be won with this EP, but the ones at the dark side can feast once again. After a militant intro, the furious Death/Black metal in the vein of Angelcorpse ravages on. The track “The Impious Crusade” also has some Nile’s “Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka”-leads as well. The EP ends with a cover of Sorcery from Sweden, “Lucifer’s Legions” of their high-acclaimed “Bloodchilling Tales” album. Not a must have, but if you like Impiety’s previous efforts, certainly worth a listen. (Ricardo)