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Medieval Demon – Arcadian Witchcraft

medieval demon – arcadian witchcraft

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, to the Carnival de Metallus Extremis. Greek Melodic Black Metal medieval Demon band have gone full bore on the pageantry for ‘Arcadian Witchcraft’, their 2020 released third album. And it’s an album that has everything you could require if you are looking for a blast of early 90’s Cradle of Filth worship. (Only with way better and less annoying vocals) Cram packed with Latin verse, satanic musings, macabre romantic fables and a good dollop of vampirism, ‘Arcadian Witchcraft’ has every avenue of nocturnal delight covered. Vocalist Sirokous is a particular pleasure as he really puts every ounce of effort, stamina and drama into every second of his work. And boy do Medieval Demon put the melody into Melodic Black Metal. each and every track is like a rollercoaster ride of thrills, spills and hypnotic dirges. Flagrant over-use of an organ is very much appreciated, as is the winding and wonderful song writing style which sees ‘Arcadian Witchcraft’ take on stage show like proportions of showmanship. It isn’t all just pageantry though, and these extreme Greeks know how to let rip with furious blast beats and savage guitar leads. It’s all part of the fun though, and ‘Arcadian Witchcraft’ is a laugh riot of Extreme Metal fused with theatre. (Luke Hayhurst)