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Scumripper – All Veins Blazing

scumripper – all veins blazing

Following up their well received 2015 Demo, Scumripper are back with another burst of short sharp metal punk attacks on their debut album “All Veins Blazing”. At just under 20 minutes this is a splattered mix of Punk, Thrash, Death and Black metal destruction that doesn’t slow down for one second.

The blazing guitar riffs and hammering drums drip with the stench and sweat of a basement punk show that reeks of piss and stale beer. All veins are definitely blazing with a “fuck you” ethos of scummy rock ‘n roll layered in old school metal madness. Tracks like “Colonel Gator” and “Rock the Bone” have a gritty Motörhead swagger to them as well as a nauseating Punk blast reminiscent of Repulsion while a track like “Mask Merchant” has early Death Metal overtones of Autopsy.

Lyrically, the songs are bleak and oppressive delivered with an aggressive urgency of real world violence and strife. You won’t find any fucking sword wielding warriors or dragons here, this isn’t about loin cloth fantasy metal, no sir. This album is made for repeat listens, it’s non-stop barrage of punk as fuck metal anthems are addictive, catchy and sure to get stuck in your tape deck for years to come. (Ted Gloom)