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Fluids – Fluids of Death 2

fluids – fluids of death 2


Phoenix, Arizona’s prodigal sons of sickness and depravity return with another slab of GoreGrind grandeur with “Fluids of Death 2″ and much like its predecessor the aptly titled “Fluids of Death”, this slab of musical mayhem packs a punch, a kick and then some! Fluids of Death 2 is mandatory for any fan of Fluids or newcomers to the genre.

Fluids of Death 2″compiles Fluids splits material that was released after the album “Not Dark Yet”. The band’s splits with Oxidised Razor, Putrid Stu and Pharmicist are now together as one 14 track onslaught of pure gore sleaze. Carrying on in tradition, there is not a lot of variety or thought put into what Fluids do. It’s pure and unadulterated knuckle-dragging bare bones GoreGrind and makes for a fun listen if drum programmed fuzz laden brutality is your cup of tea. The four shortest tracks on “Fluids of Death 2″ are by far the most brutal, one of the standouts is titled Necrotwerker. A rather hilarious song title, but it is as intense and nasty as ever and thus proving that sometimes it’s not the length that counts (I’m talking musically here, get your minds out of the gutter!)

If you are into GoreGrind that is as absolutely barebones and basic as it gets, Fluids are right up your alley. “Fluids of Death 2″ is disgustingly enjoyable from start to finish. Fans of Mortician, Lymphatic Phlegm and the likes of “Reek” era Carcass will love this. It’s a throwback and homage to the old school without trying to copycat. “Fluids of Death 2″ which has only been available in digital and cassette formats is looking to be released in a two CD set by Hell’s Headbangers sometime in the summer of 2022. Buy or die! (Tara)

Hells Headbangers Records

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