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Medieval Demon – Black Coven

medieval demon – black coven

With my review of ‘Arcadian Witchcraft’ now live, it’s time to focus on Greek Melodic Black Metal band Medieval Demon’s brand new opus now. Entitled ‘Black Coven’, the fourth studio album from Athens finest theatrical purveyors of Extreme Metal sees them once more hook up with Hells Headbangers Records and instantly, when compared to ‘Arcadian Witchcraft’, the outlook and sound is a lot darker. Oh don’t get me wrong the extracurricular stuff is all present, from the melodic organ tones to the atmospheric backing chants, but even here there is a far gloomier feel to ‘Black Coven’. I wouldn’t say the difference between the two albums is night and day, but there furious drumming/riffs combination is far more prevalent on this one whilst the pageantry of the last opus is used way more sparingly. I’m a fan of this shift too, as I like a band who tries to change things up, keep their listeners guessing and generally trying to progress their sound rather than idly stagnate.

My favourite from this album is the title track ‘Black Coven’, which has a superb slower pace, various technical guitar leads, an almighty jazzy saxophone solo and an oppressive, brooding atmosphere that I just didn’t expect Medieval Demon to create. Plus any track where the vocalist ends it by throatily gasping out the word Satan has to be a winner.

A Melodic Black Metal band with an expansive sound, a myriad of different influences and styles mixed into their magnificent cacophony and genuinely excellent song writing chops. There’s even a hint of 70’s style moog in there. What the hell are you waiting for? Go and buy this! (Luke Hayhurst)