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Druid Lord – Grotesque Offerings

druid lord – grotesque offerings

Druid Lord, the chillin’ sound of your doom. The US bearer of filth and gore are back. 5 years since the latest EP and 8 years since the debut album have passed before we finally can praise the (Druid) Lord for their second grotesque offering that goes nearly an hour. Horror induced doom of death the very ancient way, that we know from these old school maniacs. The production is thick, organic warm sounding where everything is audible and transports the atmosphere of the album in a perfect manner. The artwork by Nekronikon is amazing, the haunting lead melodies are brilliant (Hooded Menace fans should check this right away) ,the riffs are heavy, crushing, made from the other side(did you hear the opening of the grave in a mortuary? They dead are alive!). Hellhammer/Celtic Frostian heaviness and guitar sound with pounding drums which are only reduced to the minimum of what is needed, same goes out to the bass (song conducive, how it should be). Big props to the vocal department, showing that you can sound like a beast and in the same time being comprehensible. Every word put at the place it should be. Double vocals where needed, brilliant! There is never a filler, never a point where I wanted to skip the track. The album has some of the strongest parts on the second half of the album, something which is not always the case in recent times. Some tracks have the potential to become all time death metal classics (not joking folks). I strongly recommend to give this offering a listen as it is already a strong contender for “album of the year”. What a groove, guys! The Druid Lord strikes back! (DPF)