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Slaughtbbath – Alchemical Warfare

slaughtbbath – alchemical warfare

Chile cabrones!! The country has some of the currently best scenes and spawns out a lot of interesting bands in extreme metal. One of my faves are Slaughtbbath, and they finally managed to release the successor to “Hail to Fire” with the title “Alchemical Warfare”. Alonso Wiltschek provided an excellent artwork and Pablo Clares did an excellent job behind the desk to give the songs the right production.

6 years to wait and it was worth! Catchy choruses, heavy chainsaw, face melting guitars and up tempo blasting drum beats, leaves no cross unturned! The mixture of Thrash laden Black Metal of death is omnipresent. The vocals are aggressive and brutal as fukk. This would have been the record a lot were asking for from Tribulation after “The Horror”. Verminous, Tribulation, Verminous, Nifelheim, and so on, in the best tradition of south American extreme metal, Slaughtbbath did it again and provided a massacre.

In the middle of the record the guys seem to slow down a bit to unleash scandinavian frost with some eerie, slow paced melodies and riffs from the nineties before they accelerate even more than before (Rejoined into Chaos). Second half is full force attack once again and made me press repeat.

If you like old fashioned Thrash laden Black Metal, in your face without compromise, then be prepared for the alchemical warfare!!! Alchemical warfare!!! Alchemical warfare!!! Alchemical warfare!!! Warfare!! Warefare!!! Warfare!! WARFARE!!! (DPF)