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Malefic Throne – Malefic Throne [EP]

malefic throne – malefic throne [ep]


I am just sitting here wondering how in the fuck did I miss this epic fucking EP last year (2022)? Like how in the fuck did I miss the release from a group with these members in it? I honestly feel like a failure as a Death Metal fan and would like to apologize to all of you for apparently being a fake and leading you all on this whole time.

Like seriously, what the fuck Ben? You honestly missed a release from a band with a bassist/vocalist from one of your all time favorite bands? Along with a guitar player who is a hometown Death Metal hero whose albums also rank waaaaay up there for you? And on top of that, a drummer who has been in many a bands you have held in very high regard?

Yes, ok, yes. I missed it but thankfully, for me anyway, I am finally hearing this outstanding EP and also get the chance to write about it. Let’s hope that I do not disappoint because ‘Malefic Throne’ sure as fuck doesn’t.

What we have before us is the debut EP from the mighty Death Metal supergroup Malefic Throne. Consisting of bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker (Morbid Angel, Arise From Worms, ex-Warfather, etc.), guitars handled by Gene Palubicki (Perdition Temple, Demonized, ex-Angelcorpse, etc ) and drums being manned by John Longstreth (Hate Eternal, ex-Skinless, ex-Dying Fetus, etc.). So it has to be fucking good. Right?

Exactly right, this EP is a fucking monster. I mean, come on, you wouldn’t expect anything less than that with a cast such as this. And yes, it does sound exactly what you would think it would with these gents involved. Morbid Angel. And it is probably the best sounding Morbid Angel-ish thing to come out since ‘Gateway To Annihilation’, and I’m in the minority here (I believe) and actually love ‘Heretic’ and ‘Kingdoms Disdained’. It’s a comparison that is bound to happen and honestly is the best one available.

This is down right Death Metal deliciousness. Consisting of three horn throwing monsters of Malefic Throne originals and one really killer cover of Sodom’s classic ‘Nuclear Winter’. It’s short, it’s dangerous and it’s everything you want it to be and more.

Although there is one area of this EP that could have been its downfall, the production. The production is very clean and clear, teetering on the edge of sterility. But thankfully it never quite hits that level, it’s close but just not there. So every thing is very much audible and discernable in the mix but not in a way that can often be detrimental to bands in this genre.

‘Malefic Throne’ is four tracks, eighteen minutes, worth of face melting foundational Death Metal that is sure to warm the hearts and leave a smile on any fan of the genre. So, now you know and I know about this fucking monster of an EP. Go forth, ingest it and be merry.

Malefic Throne

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