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Atomic Aggressor – Sights of Suffering

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In issue #2 from VM Underground I’ve done a short review from the split album between bands Atomic Aggressor and Death Yell titled ‘Blind Servants/Back from the Depths’. Some weeks later I’ve received the link for their first full-length album titled ‘Sights of Suffering’. This Chilean death metal band already was formed way back in the year 1985, where they only released some demo’s to stop their activities in 1992. Apparently they again got the mood in 2007 and they’ve reprogrammed the band with the same line-up since their second demo, except then for Jaime Moya (who had deceased) and has been replaced by Julio Borquez. Well, first I’ve got to get something straight…in my review from their split from 2013 I’ve mentioned that the vocals weren’t really my cup of tea, but now after listening to their debut album for some times now, I must conclude that I was wrong about that! The vocals sound balanced over the entire album and has a filthy edge to it. So yes, opinions definitely can change haha. The death metal from this band sounds very old school and has a nice variation between up tempo and slower paced moments which I dig very much. They even are able to insert some thrashy solo’s in their sound on ‘Sights of Suffering’. People who like old school death metal can have a listen to this Chilean band without worrying! Nice one. Standout track imo: ‘Greed Supremacy’! (Fredde)