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Perversor – Anticosmocrator

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Based in Chili, this blackened death/thrash metal band released its second studio album titled ‘Anticosmocrator’ (what’s in a name??!!) since their formation in the year 2007. First things first: the band logo is old school, but also does remind me of Metallica (get my drift?)…and the sound of this release honestly needs some progression to stay alive these days. The long during blastbeats with the over-the-top snare isn’t my cup of tea, especially not when this comes back along the entire album. The bass isn’t that audible very well in the mixture for me and a touch of variation would be more than welcome. Okay, enough of the lesser things on this release, cause there are also some good things to discover. Like for example the thrashy edge of this disc, the kinda raw production and the respect for the drummer for his condition, cause what this guy does isn’t something anyone could bare. The instruments sound pretty thrashy and overall seen I must conclude that I heard worse bands in the last period. So if you want to give this one a try, don’t lose the urge to do so after reading my review, cause perhaps this band creates the blackened mix between death and thrash you like. Unfortunately it doesn’t get my full blessing… (Fredde)