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Morbosidad / Kill [SWE] – Santuario Del Diablo [Split]

morbosidad / kill [swe] – santuario del diablo [split]

After 25 years Morbosidad want to stop their putrid antichristian path. Why not with a banger? Their 7“ split with Kill from Sweden (more about them later on) is another example of bestial metal of death or better Morboso Metal the way the band is known for. 2 great examples of blasting fury against religious dogmas. Killer production once again that makes justice to the songs here delivered. Morbosidad in all their fast brutality are also able to make space to some grooveness and let you bang your head violently. Killer.

Talking about Kill(er), the now 20 years active band from Gothenburg has an even more rotten Black/Death/Thrashing sound, even more 80s stuff which alternates between up-tempo speed and slow motion headbanging type of riffs, somewhere between Incubus, old Merciless, NIfelheim and others…serving good old fine extreme metal. This is their first sign in 2 years and certainly a good one If you ask me. Not for posers. Old school lunatics should risk an ear (or two). (DPF)