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Cénotaphe – Empyrée [EP]

cénotaphe – empyrée [ep]


The French are, for this scribe at least, among those who better transpose, to Music, the bucolic and melancholic feeling that radiates from Gallic lands. Be the specificity that is the French landscape, the language and the reality that we, from outside, created from them. Whether because of its historical relevance, or because of the artistic and cultural strength that populates those lands, the French do not fail to carry out the same acts when it comes to Black Metal. Well known for the contributions that several of the projects associated with LLN have given us, these Cénotaphe, owners of a melodic and aggressive sound in equal measures, proudly fly the French Black Metal flag.

This will have been one of the hottest works of the past year. Whether due to the particularity of the cover, it is not, at first glance, a due example of the musical reality to which the duo belongs, or because of the delicacy of its musical lines, that there is no doubt whatsoever about the quality we have before us. as mentioned at the beginning: the melancholy and bucolic feeling that emanates from the French rural territory – also existing in my Portugal – and this discharge of Black Metal, create a very delicate symbiosis. A particularity also shared by another French project, very close to the duo he created under the name Cénotaphe, and who is no longer “among us” – Nécrople – is this almost musical painting of a medieval reality, whether from the battlefield or from the verdant fields that surround any fortress lost in the hills. Bands like Belenos or Sühnopfer, distinct, but both possess an epic and majestic feeling, a feeling that lives in Cénotaphe.

Musically we are facing a Black Metal of the 90s with the romanticism so typical of French bands. There is melody, there are battle riffs, there are strong and devastating vocalisations, synthesizers that create delicate moments of serenity among the rage and the violence. It is difficult to remain indifferent to this album, to this band. (DanielP)


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