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Venefices – Incubacy [EP]

venefices – incubacy [ep]


The Polish war machine of Venefices was formed in 2019 by Desolator (member of Medico Peste and ex-Bestial Raids) on drums and Sadist (currently in Doombringer and formerly of Bestial Raids and Cultes des Ghoules) on vocals, guitars and bass. Their 2020 demo ‘Succubacy’ caught the interest of the renowned Nuclear War Now! Productions, who ended up releasing it on tape in 2021. And that same label now brings the newest chapter of the band, the EP ‘Incubacy’, on both cassette and vinyl.

On a label not known for their subtle music, Venefices fits right in with a ferocious blend of Death and Black Metal. With two members formerly active in the now defunct Bestial Raids, it’s not surprising that Venefices has a lot in common with that band, and in a way can be considered a continuation of that sound: A combination of wild blasting sections and nauseating slower breaks, atonal riffs, barking vocals and howls and eerie background clean vocals all blended into this volatile and intense mixture. At times it’s in the direction of Archgoat, other times more like Blasphemy or Teitanblood, but regardless of what other bands did, Venefices knows damn well how to capture relentless and untamed extreme Metal. The production leans a bit more towards a Death Metal sound, with the guitars sounding heavy and the drums snappy. Compared to the demo the recordings are definitely less crude in every possible way, but ‘Incubacy’ is far from a polished recording. On the contrary, it’s the sort of wild and raging Death and Black Metal mixture that Nuclear War Now! are known for, and Venefices fits right in. If this description is up your alley and are looking for a spiritual follow-up to Bestial Raids, you know what to do. Tapes are pretty much out as this is written, vinyls are coming a bit later so get yours before it’s too late.


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