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Rotten Moon – The Endless Church [Demo]

rotten moon – the endless church [demo]


The uncontrollable work ethos and creativity of Heinous Soul in mainly channelled through his musical main vessel of Circle Of Ouroboros where he is responsible for all vocals. But Antti Klemi, in real life, also recently started his own project and called it Rotten Moon. On his own he recorded and released a demo tape and a full length, ‘No Dawn in This World of Infernal Eclipses’ (on cassette tape by Esfinge de la Calavera and on vinyl by His Wounds) and now returns with a new demo tape through the French Ancien Culte label.

Those who have heard Heinous Soul’s previous recordings know to expect nothing but an exercise in Lo-Fi, Raw and ultimately noisy Black Metal. It has been stripped down of all things pretty, brought down to all its bareboned ugliness. On ‘The Endless Church’ Heinous Soul continued the path of that depraved sort of Black Metal, primarily slow and with a gruesome gritty guitar sound. The Lo-Fi production that comes with all its flaws, including unstable volume and cracking fits perfectly with the equally unstable playing in which all flaws have been kept as well – giving this a bit of a rehearsal tape feel. This only adds to the underground ethos of Rotten Moon, which is mainly captured in its raw, garage ambience. The synths that are used as a moody musical backdrop also really adds to a haunting atmosphere and it allows Rotten Moon to have quite a unique sound amongst all those one-man Raw and Lo-Fi tape-recording bands – a scene that is now more booming than ever.

This relatively new Finnish Black Metal act doesn’t quite sound like your typical Satanic Warmaster or Horna like band, but it definitely contributes to the wide coloured spectrum of the Finnish Black Metal scene. Anyone who has been listening to a lot of minimalistic and harsh Black Metal that has a pure rocking and punkish vibe, should be welcomed to give Rotten Moon a chance.

Rotten Moon

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