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Perverted Ceremony / Witchcraft [FIN] – Nighermancie / Black Candle Invoker [Split]

perverted ceremony /  witchcraft [fin] – nighermancie / black candle invoker [split]

Nuclear War Now! unleashed this unholy split between Perverted Ceremony and Witchcraft at the Never Surrender Fest Vol. II.

Perverted Ceremony from Belgium are up first with their side of the split titled “Nighermancie”. Four tracks of filthy blackened Death Metal that sounds like it was recorded in a grave mound. Guitars sound like the audio manifestation of fog in a graveyard while some lunatic screams and howls to the beat of a skeletal bone drum. This shit is raw and dripping with ritualistic power. Interlude track sounds like it was dubbed the hundredth time over from a bootleg Argento vhs.

“Black Candle Invoker” is the title of the Witchcraft side of the split. Blackened Death from Finland crackles and swells across the three tracks. Again this is some raw and putrid sound put forth with an almost droning nausea to the production when combined with the distant guitar from another realm and rumbling drums. Vocals are mix of bestial roars and demonic shrieks. Some ambient chimes and synth that sound straight out of “Hellraiser” give a fluid transmission between the tracks.

Powerful, blasphemous and drenched in perverted witchcraft. Go grab a copy and cut yourself or your neighbour while listening. (Ted Gloom)