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Cénotaphe – Monte Verità

cénotaphe – monte verità

New year, new music from the French duo Cénotaphe. Fog and Khaosgott have gathered, once again, to give us their best take on Black Metal. Their Folkish melodies, intertwined with more raw and Black Metal moments, lead to a very solid and structured offering.

We start off with a bang, if I may say. “Myosis” is a 6 minute, fast-paced Black Metal track, that violently guides us to “Aux Cieux Antérieurs”, a more melodic, and yes, Folkish track. Two tracks in, and I already feel a growth in their craft. Experienced musicians, owners of their sound, leaders of their pack, I was not expecting anything less that exquisite. The rawest expression of the genre and the atmospheres that remind us of the sweet fragrance of the forest. ” De Mon Promontoire Astral” is the template by which I “design” Cénotaphe’s music, for it has both aspects, both facets of their Music: the holds strong to the melodic element that is the basis for their creations – never a weak melody, quite the opposite – this gift they have to craft such beautiful and almost tender moments, perfectly merged with the raw, and closer to the roots of classic Black Metal, aggressive structure. This is, indeed, something you can find in French Black Metal, this dichotomy, these “two personalities”, this Jekyll and Hyde of sorts.

Black Metal has lived, for most of its life, with the Dark and the Light; musicians have crafted master pieces that can easily be placed in both sides of the spectrum, and remember that Drak does not always mean Aggressive, nor does Light always mean Gentle and Kind. Cénotaphe are, once again, able to combine both sides of this special spectrum, and craft a remarkable piece of Black Metal. (DanielP)