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Departure Chandelier – Antichrist Rise To Power

departure chandelier – antichrist rise to power


The English sees him as a Antichrist, the French think he is a tyrant, for the Polish he is a hero which has his part in their history and even national anthem. Who we are talking about? Look at the incredible cover of newest Departure Chandelier album originally painted by Jean Baptiste Mauzaisse and you will know the answer. Napoleon Bonaparte seems to be controversial historical character and definitely left his mark in history. New Departure Chandelier album called “Antichrist Rise to Power” is dedicated to French Emperor. Why start with some historical fun facts? Maybe because not only the theme of the album will get you back in time but also the music will remind you good old days in Scandinavia, of course if you’re old enough. If not you still can listen to “Antichrist Rise to Power” and bask in the glory days of black metal. Question is if Departure Chandelier is another homage to the 90s and you will forget about it after few days or are they able to stand they ground? For me is the later. Not only they take what’s best from the old days but also make it in they own interesting way that’s not boring at all.

Although “Antichrist Rise to Power” is rooted in 90s, it sounds really good. Departure Chandelier achieved perfect balance between gritty guitars, basement drums and keyboard which sounds almost as those cheap Casio ones you got for present as a kid. And don’t forget about that spiteful growls without any studio effects. On top of that you will get memorable midtempo melodies that will make your leg move few times. Good example would be the best song on the album “Catacombs Beneath the Castle of the Marquis”. Riff in this song drills straight into the brain and stays there for a long time. Even if you’re not playing it right know you will hum the melody in your head. Same goes to two first songs one the album “Life Escaping Through the Candle’s Smoke” and “Forever Faithful to the Emperor”. Head starts to move by itself when you listen to them. And then from the middle of album with track “Departure Chandelier” album slows down little bit and we get more pompatic, little bit slower and keyboard oriented tracks. Is it bad? Definitely not. It makes the whole album more diverse and less boring. It prepares us for last track “Outro (Exile on the Jagged Cliffs of Saint Helena)” which starts with almost funeral organs which reminds funeral melodies probably played on the funeral of Napeoleon Bonaparte when he died in 1821 on Saint Helena island.

So who will benefit from “Anrichrist Rise to Power”? Fans of old school sound which love Scandinavian black metal from the 90s will be listening to this album for a long long time. And what about the rest? If you don’t mind archaic but still selective production and keyboard here and there you will find “Antichrist Rise to Power” to be very good if not brilliant album worth getting in your collection. Its released by Nuclear War Now! and we all know that this label very rarely doesn’t deliver. I can only hope that a cassette tape which suits this music perfectly will be released in the future alongside the vinyl version.

Departure Chandelier

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Nuclear War Now! Productions

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