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Sect Pig – Crooked Backs [EP]

sect pig – crooked backs [ep]

More than a year has passed since the ambiguous Black Metal figure Sect Pig has released its third record “Crooked Backs”. So what? This EP is still a brilliant piece of artistry and this review will contain further interpretation on the bestial virtuoso demonstrated by the enigmatic maniacs who worked on behalf of this killer project.

Whilst spinning this record, the first thing I noticed was the VON influence. Guitarworks of these songs are precise and straight to the point. They know what type of eerie rhythms they want to deliver. There’s always a psychotic guitar playing going on amidst each of the tracks. Those psychedelically trippy and hallucinatory tunes create a horrifying aura that shrouds you with dire anxiety and unbridled agitation. Such conscious-expanding and experimental musicianship unbolts the darkest passage of your subconscious mind and makes you contemplate eugenics involving sterilization, vasectomy, oophorectomy, hysterectomy, orchidectomy/castration and other fucked-up shits. The intros of each of the tracks tell you a short story related to these terms.

Vocal approaches that were used here are animalistic and inhumane. From ghastly whispery screams to barking, snarling, snorting and piglike oinks; you will undergo a lot of bestial and cruel stuff that Sect Pig has offered you through this EP.

A pin and a sticker come up with the DIE-HARD vinyl version of this release that have anti-natalism symbol on them. It is very clear what type of nihilistic and cynical message this band wants to deliver. If you are into VON, Antediluvian, Revenge and other homogenous artists, this EP is highly recommended to you. (Osmani)