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Amputation – Slaughtered In The Arms Of God [Compilation]

amputation – slaughtered in the arms of god [compilation]


The origins of all the well-known and genre-defining Norwegian Black Metal bands can be traced back to a small amount of extreme metal bands. Like basically any of those early bands exploring the most extreme territories of the metal genre of those thriving 80’s, the early adopters of the Norwegian scene also drew inspirations from bands like Mercyful Fate, Sodom, Death, Slayer, Possessed, Venom and Bathory. But before things got insanely grim and evil with the birth of Norwegian Black Metal, there were a few pioneering bands that paved the road for the magical things that were to come.

The scene might not have been as big as some of the other European countries and musically the bands were basically following the trends that were born elsewhere in Europe or the United States (for the most part), but their historical significance can definitely be considered huge. It were bands like Vomit, Mortem, Old Funeral and Amputation that spawned the likes of Mayhem, Burzum and Immortal.

The story of Amputation is quite exemplary of many of those other bands: recording a bunch of demos (two in this case), basically of average quality and gaining most of their fame years after their demise when the band members went on to release their classic Black Metal records. Both of Amputation’s demo tapes were compiled on this release that is presented in the right and renowned Nuclear War Now! Productions fashion. Almost like no other, the US-based label knows how to honour the historical value of such underground bands.

This release compiles the band’s ‘Achieve The Mutilation’ demo tape from 1989 and the 1990 released ‘Slaughtered In The Arms Of God’ demo tape. They are presented in a-chronological order, meaning the 1990 demo kicks off and is followed by their oldest recordings. The difference is significant in terms of rawness and crudity, with the ‘Achieve The Mutilation’ demo being a much rougher recording. The music itself has very little to offer in terms of interesting song writing or musical relevance, its fairly standard Thrash Metal tinged Death Metal just echoes all the elements of genre stalwarts like Possessed, Massacre, Necrophagia, Bolt Thrower and Death. But it is clear that the music of Amputation is not so much about the enjoyment of its musical content as it clearly has not the creative ingenuity of Immortal or Hades Alimghty, that would eventually grow out of the band.

It may be a little lame to compare the naive youthfulness of Amputation with the unbridled creativity and far superior musicianship that the musicians would later display, but the various entities are inextricably linked. And it is that connection that makes ‘Slaughtered In The Arms Of God’ a worthwhile release after all.


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