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Paimon Gate – Seven Legions [Demo]

paimon gate – seven legions [demo]


Last year the debut EP for Paimon Gate was released through Nuclear War Now! Productions on the three most popular physical formats, showing Jake Kohn’s most recent musical endeavour. Jake, who has past and present experience in much revered bands like Proscanctus Inferi, Black Funeral and Father Befouled, definitely knows the drill when it comes to bestial and primitive sort of extreme metal.

And, frankly, Paimon Gate is basically the cumulation of everything that he has done before. It all blends down into a very barbaric sounding American styled sort of Black Metal, not at all far removed from Profanatica. It has those very recognizable distorted and reverbed vocals as well as the grinding guitar sound and pummelling percussion. The otherwise distinctive raw, chaotic and slightly mechanical sound further completes the task and makes for complete comparison with those Ross Bay Cult bands, the aforementioned Profanatica, Von, Demoncy and, to a slightly lesser extent, Goatlord. The somewhat tuneful keyboards added here and there also bring a reminder of Beherit, which makes the musical comparison with all things depraved complete.  Finally, you can add some fast and equally chaotic guitar leads. By the way, this is something that does betray Kohn’s musical craftsmanship. You can still try so hard to sound so sick and rotten, a good guitar lead, other than the one in Blasphemy for instance, almost throws a spanner in the works. Fortunately, these too fit in just fine.

This EP, of just over 20 minutes of playing time, brings nothing new to light, but gives you what you need if you are looking for another such band in the all-guns-blazing kind of Black/Death Metal fury. Proving that Kohn is no newcomer to the genre with verve, ‘Seven Legions’ is certainly a work worth listening to.

Paimon Gate

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