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Inquisition – Anxious Death / Forever Under [Compilation]

inquisition – anxious death / forever under [compilation]


American based Colombian black metal band came a long way. From zero to a considerable cult status. 2007 should be the year of a new release, which was scheduled for an early 2007 unleashing, but as for yet they remained quiet. But to get the crowed warmed up the ongoing great underground label Nuclear War Now! Productions released the bands earliest works, their first EP “Anxious Death” and the follow-up demo “Forever Under”. Complete with hideous artwork…

The first is the “Anxious Death” EP, as the name of this late 2006 release implies. It is hard to believe that this band was going to get to the status that it enjoys today, not only is the music of a (obivous) lesser quality but it is also a different kind of music. The raspy and creapy raw black metal of today is not to be heard on this first EP, on which they sound just as your typical Latin American black metal band. Which means up tempo pummeling including Exodus-like screechy vocals. Yet, this is the music I have a weak spot for and enjoys me day and night, but it is hard to label this EP as groundbreaking, thrilling or anything more than average.

With “Forever Under” they had their progression, not only the artwork is much better also the music comes a step closer to what they’re known for now. Still too much up tempo and too messy at these faster tempos, but the feeling and atmosphere are certainly there. It is still a whole lot of the same vibe running through the songs, which breathes Latin American underground extreme metal. The vocals also changed for the better the raspy sound fits the music better.

This release is available on CD and for the true collector there are two different vinyl versions – a double 180 grams vinyl one and a double picture disc version. They are meant to be hard to get as they were selling only one of both during live shows. But, who knows, you might be lucky enough.

Note: the score is of course the result of a combination of the musical content, nice packaging and the historical importance of both old recordings on this release.


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