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Anal Vomit – Depravation

anal vomit – depravation

Grimmer than the contents of GG Allin’s unwashed undercrackers, Peru’s amazingly-titled trio Anal Vomit unleash album number two of loose ‘n ready, primitive as Hell black/thrash. Doing more or less exactly the same as what they have done since their inception in 1992, “Deprivation” carries the stinking groove and speed of very early Slayer along with the rottenness and rawness of bands like Bestial Warlust and Throneum, letting rip with simple neck-breaking riffs and suitably flawed yet pulverizing drumming that nevertheless keeps things tight and flowing.

Satisfyingly short and to point, songs like opener “Alcoholocausto” and the fucking awesome “Hell Command” are jam packed with riff after riff of pure metal nastiness, complete with vocals that sound like the guy’s screaming and slitting his throat with a blunt knife at the same time. Constantly and consistently keeping things interesting by varying the pace from the obligatory blast to mid-paced fist/horn raisers, “Prevail The Cult” and “Bestial Possession” carry a truly authentic 80’s underground vibe about them to the point that makes latter day Darkthrone sound like Meshuggah. Well, not quite but you get the picture.

Although “Deprivation” does start to tire towards the end it is still one of those albums that brings back the passion and distinct grimy flavor of aggressive 80’s thrash in its simpler and altogether more encompassing state, and is one that should not go unmissed or unnoticed by any of you. (DaveW)