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Lihhamon – Doctrine [Re-release]

lihhamon – doctrine [re-release]

Waaaaarrrrr!!! Lihhamon from Germany declared war on all doctrines. This is black/death the Blasphemy/Conqueror way. Production and riffing combination of Diocletian with Conqueror/Revenge vocal patterns and rhythm sections depending on the song (same could be said about the Diocletian reference). Some old Carcass grinding violence in their blast eruptions makes its appearance here and there. The riffs are mostly pure sounding tremolo picked singles/chords of total destruction with a high gained guitar sound shredding all and everything. The drums change from back beats, up tempo, blasts, great fill ins and are not overproduced to my pleasure. The bass is rumbling giving a lot of bottom to the punishing songs. The vocals are high shrieks and deep grunts working perfectly(did I mention the patterns?) This is a very good debut which is more than promising. It doesn`t have the „soon to be classic“ potential like Diocletian`s material, but maybe this isn`t the goal either of the band. The sick instrumentals are great and give it a sickening spin. Well done. (DPF)