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Celestial Sword – Fallen from the Astral Temple

celestial sword – fallen from the astral temple

Celestial Sword, an American one man outfit, combines Dungeon Synth with raw Black Metal. You better get those shovels out you lazy bastards and start digging for details through layers of reverb, echo and distortion. Keep digging, give it some time, it will be worth it, even though there is no bass on this album only treble, even though Celestial Sword sounds like Abbath on “Blizzard Beasts” after guzzling down a pint of pure vitriol and even though the drum programming seems to be done by my four year old daughter on her little Fisher Price keyboard, you will find a hidden treasure underneath all this rubble, filth and disarray.

“Ancestral Chalice of Poisened Blood” tacks between vile midtempo beats and direful accelerations, keeping your attention span very tense, yet “A Crown of Serpents and Ash” saunters forth slowly, drenched in synths and inflamed melancholy.

By continuously switching in pace, using alienating synths and the omnipresent misanthropic atmosphere, Celestial Sword constantly manages to grab you by the throat and immerses you in bilious gloom. (Franki_boj)