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Serpents – The Brimstone Clergy [EP]

serpents – the brimstone clergy [ep]


Serpents, Swedish Black Metal with thrashy elements are back with an EP that blasts heavy shit load of riffs and beats, so sick you are going to vomit crosses! Maybe exaggerating a bit, but this EP sounds great!

The blasts, the grooves, the riffs, the melodies, the voice, everything works so smooth, it’s more than enjoyable. If you don’t see yourself band your head to the fury unleashed in “Worship the Reprobate” I can’t help you anymore.

“End the Slavery of Being” strikes even darker and more vicious with evil riffs and panzerdivision like sections (Marduk yes). Straight, fast brutal, ripping all the way, black/thrash the slashing way, love it!

Serpents are not only fast blasting maniacs, but these guys can groove and be heavy as fuck too! Old Samael? Sure, “Bring the Apocalypse” is pitch black and probably a Asphyx the Swedish way! Ah wait, all of a sudden the blast hammer is back and perforates every matter possible (mostly your brains and ears). The change between slow crawling atmospheric parts and Marduk-like blasting is great! More of this on the next record please.

“Shattered Paradise” kicks in with blasting fury, a scream and rollercoaster riffs you might know from bands like Behemoth, Hate and others. The other parts show the melodic sense, the Swedish nature, a more Dissection-like appearance to make things interesting and the overall sound more versatile (Ragnarok came also to mind). Brutal!

“Interlude In B Minor” is, well, an interlude, instrumental, gives breath to the listener before the last track “Requiem”. Acoustic guitars, Bach like (maybe), beautiful melodies, well written and captured.

“Requiem” itself continues melodic with heavy chords, and over layered lead melody and then…Boom! After the Epic first half, guitars/bass only, the drums kicks in and a short epic banger appears, double bass drums building the carpet, the vocals proclaiming the end, and just like it began, it ends with guitars only, slowly fading out….

Killer follow up to “Serpents”, time to show us the full length to see what these guys are capable of, in the meantime check this out. (DPF)


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