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Pánico al Miedo / Sol de Sangre – La senda de la muerte [Split]

pánico al miedo / sol de sangre – la senda de la muerte [split]


A Spanish and Colombian alliance making a tribute to some great Death Metal acts and hymns, as I just assume we can all dream the originals and whistle them while doing your business on the toilet and play a useless game on your mobile phone. But this no ordinary tribute as they have changed the lyrics into the Spanish language, which gives it a twist to it….although not very helpful as I still growl along “Why don’t you….”.

First up is Sol de Sangre, a Colombian Death Metal who released their debut full length in 2018 by Black Market Metal Label. They have chosen to ReSpanish some Swedish delight, namely Entombed’s “Revel in Flesh” and Entombed’s “Before the Creation of Time” or as they called it “Festín de la carne” and “Antes de la creación”. Their own sound is OSDM so the transformation to the Swedish kind is small step for them and the production and mastering of Tomas Skoksberg and Dan Swanö will help as well, although the vocals are different which are more shouting/hardcore like.

With Pánico al Miedo we have the Spanish Inquisition part of this split with their covers of Death’s “Pull the Plug” and Pestilence’s “Twisted Truth”, renaming them into “Desconéctame” and “Verdad vil”. These Deaththrashers are presenting a more crystal clear sound, especially when you hear the drums and bass, but also the vocals are in the same vein like Sol de Sangre, more shouting/hardcore like than a growl. Also these 2 covers are well done and as a fan of Pestilence’s “Testimony of the Ancient”, I enjoyed the “Twisted Truth” cover the most.

And kudos for the artwork as Juanjo Castellano Rosado combined all 4 artworks into 1, well done! This is not a must have split, but if you enjoy the originals and the Spanish language and you have some money left after an order, this is certainly one for consideration. (Ricardo)

Pánico al Miedo

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