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Cliteater – From Enslavement to Clitoration

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From Enslavement to Clitoration…that’s right, Cliteater is back with a new album. Already released in March 2016, but when you’re in my case and don’t have a deadline for reviewing an album, well, then I take my time to dissect the album in all its facets. Imagen this: you walk into the forest, and suddenly you hear some noise on the background. Before you know, there’s a giant wild boar heading your way to rip your flesh apart. The only thing you can do is jump onto it’s back, and take a wild ride through bushes and mud pools while trying to force your finger into the wild boar’s ass. When you succeed this, the wild boar transfers in a young Doro and you may fuck the shit out of her brains… If you can image this, well, then you can image the wild adventure I explored when listening to this new shit from Cliteater hehe. The album starts off furious to never reduce speed (except then in track ‘Semen Route’ where more pace is noted) and is filled with furious goregrind. This one sounds energetic, filthy, straight forward, amazing and sometimes funny. For example, listen to track ‘Positive Aspects of Collective Chaos (part VI)’ and you’ll hear that they stole the sentence “they took our jobs” from the cartoon South Park and created something with it. Also some samples are used like in tracks ‘Tramp Stamp Stomping’ and the ridiculous intro “I Wanna Talk about Vagina’s” in track ‘Clitnado’ and you’ll shit your pants. God damn, what an amazing album this is…pity few people adore this band as they should earn, but hey, it’s not too late yet! Oh yes, orgasms are obliged in the music from these Holland heroes, so this can be discovered in track ‘Tribbing Mania’. And when my son grows up, I already got a great story to tell before letting him fall asleep…cause the final track ‘Total Cliternation’ handles entirely about finding and using the clit. I won’t waste my time anymore by writing this review…just gonna push the replay button! The next orgasm I’ll give my girlfriend I’m gonna dedicate to Cliteater! Check this one out or be raped. (Fredde)


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