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Tormented – Graveyard Lust [EP]

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After the debut full length “Rotten Death” and the split with Bombs of Hades, Sweden’s Tormented are back again with some filthy Old School Death Metal. As with their debut, Tormented is a fist straight in the face due the groove of Autopsy and the filthiness of Death Breath. The ravishing vocals of Dread (ex-Infestead (Desecration of Christ!) and ex-Marduk (the great “Dark Endless” album for example)) fits perfectly and guides the reek of decay presented on “Graveyard Lust”. It evens seems that the production is more obscure than on their debut, as the guitars are more fuzzy and Dread’s vocals seems like he does the same on the debut, only this time with a little reverb. As a result it’s more shredding. Keep an eye on the graveyards in your neighbourhood, their lust will be fulfilled…(Ricardo)