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Lik – Mass Funeral Evocation

lik – mass funeral evocation

In the year 2015 a touch of decay is blowing towards you as Lik released their debut longplayer “Mass Funeral Evocation” . Lik is Swedish and means cadaver or corpse in the English language. Lik plays pure Swedish Death Metal in the vein of Dismember, Nihilist/old Entombed and Entrails. And the band members are no piglets because the drummer and vocalist Chris Barkensjo plays in the very iconic Swedish Death Metal combo Kaamos, Repugnant and for a short time in Grave. Also the other two band members are no blank slates either, because Niclas Sundin (Guitars) plays with the infamous Katatonia and played from 2004 till 2006 with the Swedish Melodic Black Metal act Siebenbürgen as well. And last but not least Tomas Akvik (Vocals/Guitars) is a live-member of Katatonia among some other bands. You see, it is not a no name band. Dismember is the right way to describe the music of Lik. Lik sounds Like a bastard between “Like An Everflowing Stream” and “Indecent And Obscene”. They are not a Dismember-rip off because they used their own riffs, but they do sound Like them. It is very sad that Dismember split up and they left a huge gap, but Lik might fill this gap. So every Swedish Death Metal fan has now the duty to buy this masterpiece and to celebrate it with a descent Headbanging party. (Sven)